Macon Pops

Concert Series • Summer Through Fall

Macon Pops

Macon Pops 1600 1000 Macon Music Trail

World-Class Hometown Orchestra Experience.

Macon Pops is an innovative, high-energy music experience that pairs popular songs with the musicianship of a symphony orchestra and the musical direction of acclaimed modern musicians. Guest vocalists, exciting musical themes and special concert venues give each concert series installment a feel of being a stand-alone, one-of-a-kind musical event.

Musicians and Macon Pops creators Steven Moretti and Matt Catingub program each season with the intent to break down barriers that sometimes accompany classical music and create a music event with the “energy of a rock concert but the finesse of an orchestra.” What was once an idea mapped out between friends and colleagues at a coffee shop is now a fully operational and independent 501 (C) 3 that has a growing roster of members and donors.

Accomplished drummer, percussionist and producer Steve Moretti and his wife Amy, violinist and director of the McDuffie Center for Strings are residents of Macon and active members of the local music scene. Moretti is a two time Grammy nominee and winner of two Telly Awards. He has an extensive recording career playing on over 30 nationally released recordings and made his movie debut playing live in the 2014 Clint Eastwood film, “Jersey Boys.” Frequently engaged for symphonic drum set performances, Morretti performs all over the world, including concerts with the symphony orchestras of Alabama, Charleston, Detroit, Edmonton, Kitchener-Waterloo, Long Beach, Omaha and appearances at Banff and Rome Music Festivals.

From the timeless songs of the Beatles and the show stopping theme songs of James Bond films to the anthems that birthed Southern Rock, Macon Pops broadens audiences and change elitist ideals surrounding the typical symphony concert.

Macon Pops prides itself on broadening classical music audiences not just through song and theme selection but performance locations. By partnering with different venues and organizations, Macon Pops widens its message and audience. Whether it’s Mercer University’s modern Hawkins Arena, the sprawling lawns of Middle Georgia State University or Downtown Macon’s classic City Auditorium and timeless Grand Opera House, the Macon Pops vary the scenery as much as they do the musical programming. Be a part of two of the most immersive shows of the series, the Cherry Blossom Festival’s signature finale event featuring glowing hot air balloons and the newly added synchronized Main Street Christmas Light Extravaganza on Poplar and First Streets in late November and December.